Just because you’ve found your new home doesn’t mean you’re all done! There is a lot left to do before moving day. Here is a list to help you stay organized:

What happens next?


You need to:

  • Choose your lawyer and provide us with your lawyer's info as soon as possible.

  • Choose an insurance company to get your fire insurance/home insurance. Your insurance needs to be in place as of 12.01 am on the closing date.  When you call them for quotas have your inspection report with you, because they will ask you tons of questions about the home.

    • If you are buying a condo, usually your strata fees include the fire insurance for the whole complex, so you should get insurance ONLY for the amount of deductible as shown on the insurance policy for the whole complex, for all the betterments to your unit (the strata insurance covers only for the original finishes in your unit) and for your content.

  • Call all utility companies to create a new account and have all utilities connected in your name as of your closing date. That includes electricity, gas, water, phone, internet,  cable, alarm etc.  for natural gas and electricity​​​​​  



7-10 days before your possession date your lawyer should contact you to meet and sign the final documents related to the sale of your home. At this time you will need to bring: 

  1. the rest of your downpayment (let's say your downpayment is $50000 and you already paid a 

        deposit of $30000– so you will bring a cheque for the remainder of $20,000) in a form certified

        cheque or a bank draft 

  1. the lawyer fees 

  2. the amount calculated on your statement of adjustments  (your lawyer will explain that to you)

  3. Property Purchase Tax



1 week before your possession date we will be in touch with your lawyer, as well as the day before, to make sure everything is on track to an ‘on-time’ closing. We will contact you at this time and update you, and arrange a time to meet you to give you your keys. 

Possession day: If all goes according to plan your lender will have sent the money to your lawyer, and your lawyer will send the total amount owing to the seller’s lawyer. When the seller’s lawyer confirms they’ve received all the necessary funds they will release the keys. This all should happen by noon on possession day, but there are often delays. Usually, it happens somewhere between 12 noon and 5 pm. As soon as we know the keys are released, we will be in touch with you and will arrange to meet you at your new home.


Things to take care of before possession day:

Moving Boxes – you can often find used moving boxes for sale on sites such as Kijiji or Craigslist or in the classifieds. U-Haul has a free moving boxes exchange site at where you may be able to find used boxes for free. Liquor stores and grocery stores are also great places to look for sturdy boxes. 

Movers – if you are hiring movers do NOT plan on having them arrive at your new home at noon on possession day. This pretty much guarantees that your closing will be late (Murphy’s law). It is best to have the movers come on the day after possession, or at the earliest 2-3 pm on possession day. Movers do not like to wait around for you to get your keys – we’ve seen everything from trucks unloaded onto the front lawn to huge extra charges on your moving bill. Make arrangements for moving company/truck rental Please, please always read reviews before you book a mover... there are some crazy movers:)))


Oh, and If moving to/from a condominium, confirm elevator access and moving protocols, and do not forget to arrange for care of pets on moving day

Utilities – gas and electricity should be arranged to be switched to your name for possession day. This should ensure there is no disruption of service. Phone, cable/satellite and internet should not be arranged for possession day though because they usually require a service call to be hooked up – if the service person arrives before your keys are released you will have to arrange for service another day which can take weeks. 

Change your  mailing address

  • Canada Post 1-866-607-6301 (It is a good idea to have your mail forwarded by the post office for a period of time after moving to ensure you receive your mail) 

  • Banks 

  • Insurance companies (health, home, auto, health care, etc.)

  • Medical and dental care providers

  • Driver’s license (go to registry office)

  • Charge accounts

  • Subscriptions and charitable organizations

  • Lawn care/snow removal services

  • Professional organizations and personal clubs you belong to, etc...

  • And remember to change the address in your passport

If you are selling: 

Move – in Prep – if you’d like to have your new home professionally cleaned or painted we can recommend service providers to do this for you. Just ask! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us, we’re happy to help!